I was so glad when I came across this great organization to help my mom. She so looked forward to the time they spent with her. I knew when they were with my mom that she had someone there to assist her. And it made my life so much easier. Thank you.

— Jerry Jirus

Providing respite care for my receiver has been a blessing in many
ways. He is intent upon maintaining his functions, so exercising with
him is a joy, not a burden. He is stronger now than I first came to
the house, which makes me feel like I am helping to extend the quality
and quantity of his life. It's fun to share stories of our pasts and I
enjoy reading to him from books about his favorite subject, history,
which is also one of my favorites. We lunch accompanied by music
furnished by the family's Alexa device. All this makes doing some
chores seem like a very small burden. And his wife has been able to
get out to see friends and go to other activities, which is good for
her morale. It feels good to be doing this work.

— Caregiver Roger G. Kotecki

Sylvie and her caregivers provide wonderful companionship and care for my wife, who is experiencing memory loss. They are not just there to do a job. Each caregiver creates a relationship with her of “best friends.” That personal companionship is as valuable as the physical care they provide. Sylvie is personally involved and very responsive to changing circumstances. Highly recommended.

— Grateful husband

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