Senior Health & Medical Resources


Healthfinder Information to help you and your loved ones live well and stay healthy.

Medline The world's most extensive collection of published medical information, coordinated by the National Library of Medicine.

NIH Health Information Page Health and wellness information for older adults from the National Institutes of Health.


Health & Wellness

Guide on Handling Coughs and Colds in the Elderly    A guide from Covonia learn timely and important information about colds and flu, why elderly people are at a higher risk of infection, and how influenza and the common cold can lead to more serious health complications in older adults.

Senior Health and Wellness Guide   FamilyLivingToday's Aging Gracefully: Our Guide To Senior Health And Wellness

Senior Nutrition Guide Healthy Diet Foods for Older Adults


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer's Dementia Brochure

Alzheimer's Association The leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support, and research.

10 Early Symptoms of Dementia


Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease Brochure


Liver Disease

American Liver Foundation  Resources and support groups available across the United States.



Mesothelioma Information for people who suffer from Mesothelioma.  Financial help for asbestos victims.   Fight mesothelioma NOW by educating yourself on the latest treatments, how to survive mesothelioma, and the best ways to obtain financial assistance.


Vision  We provide medically accurate content for all things vision. Learn about eye conditions and vision correction practices such as: Trabeculectomy Surgery for Glaucoma, Presbyopia (Age-Related Farsightedness), and Laser Cataract Surgery.

Cataracts        Droopy Eyelids         Diabetic Diseases      Glaucoma


Dental Care Basics for Seniors   Information from Newmouth Dental on common dental problems that affect seniors like dry mouth, oral cancer, root decay, and gum diseases.


Mental Health

How to Identify and Manage Mental Health Conditions in Seniors    A resource from CBD Choice that covers recognizing the signs and symptoms, as well as tips to improve mental health, and resources for those who might be struggling.

Men's Health

Understanding Male Menopause   A men's health guide from Optimale that discusses male menopause and the emotional changes that come with it.


Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

Drug Dangers Drug Dangers was developed to educate the public and lend a hand to people who have been affected by defective drugs and medical devices. Our goal at Drug Dangers is to keep the public educated and informed of all defective medical devices and dangerous medications that are currently available on the market today.

Drug Rehab Centers  Drug rehab facility has an addiction treatment program or group specifically tailored for Seniors 65+ or older adults.

The Quiet Epidemic of Senior Drug Abuse  Tips for avoiding incidental drug abuse in seniors.

Substance Abuse & Addiction in the Elderly  A guide to causes of abuse & addiction and the risks & dangers of substance abuse in elderly people.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources for the Elderly   Information from The Recovery Village on substance abuse in the elderly.


Physical and Speech Rehabilitation

FOX Rehabilitation Geriatric House Calls by Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapist.  We accept Medicare Part B. Our clinicians provide clinically excellent care to older adults in their home environment, believing in their strength and determination to achieve what once seemed impossible. Our tools are physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, speech-language pathology, and the astonishing spirit of our patients.

Deafworks Products for the deaf and hard of hearing.



Special Needs Chicago  Wheelchair accessible transportation for individuals with physical and/or cognitive challenges throughout Chicago and the suburbs with

the freedom to enjoy safe, reliable, comfortable, and courteous service at an affordable cost.

Dealspor Discount on Mobility and Accessibility products

Everything You Need To Know About Making Your Deck Accessible For All Our guide covers an in-depth look at what accessible decks are, how they are mor

e sustainable in any home, and more importantly, how having this setup would allow the accommodation of seniors and other individuals with disabilities.

Consumers Advocate Best Stairlifts A comprehensive guide to the best stairlifts for seniors and people with limited mobility.

Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Brochure

Fall Reduction Program by Amedisys   At-home Evidence-based Falls Assessment, Intervention, and Education. Amedisys can help you reduce fall risk factors to help improve your quality of life and reduce hospitalizations. Resources on home modifications intended to make performing tasks easier, to reduce accidents, and to support independent living.

5 Fall Prevention Ideas for Bathroom Showers


Mattress and Bedding Guide for People with Disabilities   A comprehensive guide to help increase awareness about disabilities and sleep including expert advice on sleep products and bedroom set up for those with a disability, curated resources for all of the five disability categories, caregiver resources, and much more.

Your guide to Better Sleep & Mental Health Helpful tips and ideas to sleep better at night and enjoy improved mental health.

How to Sleep With Back Pain Tips for sleeping with back pain from Mattress Clarity.

How to Sleep With Hip Pain  Tips for sleeping with hip pain from Mattress Clarity.

Senior Sleep Guide: Everything To Know About How Sleep Changes As You Age   A guide from Mattress Clarity with common problems, tips, and information about how sleep stages evolve.

Senior Sleep Guide  A resource from Mattress Help on sleep disorders that commonly affect our aging population, studies surrounding the need for sleep as you age, expert advice for getting better sleep, and much more.

The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping in a Nursing Home  A guide by Sleep Opolis explains why sleep is specifically impacted in nursing homes and offers guidance from medical professionals in the industry to help residents and their caretakers overcome these challenges.

Best Mattresses for Seniors  Information from on the top 5 mattresses for seniors.


Nutritional Needs For Seniors   As seniors get older their body’s needs change.  Read about proactive preventative nutrition.